Saturday, February 26, 2011


These are my wishlists!!!
 these shirts are from " subcrews "
they call it " the crew shirts "
 dr martens ( chris brown/black ) " 6th holes "
 the " gogy shirts " from deluxe clothing
 Hershel Supply & CO bags.
Vintage Dunks Low

These stuffs are available at any Sole What stores nationwide.


during my recent trip to medan, indonesia i have some time to take some pictures ( tons of them actually).

the trip was pretty cool.aite for this post i just want to share some of my photos.maybe next time i'll upload the rest of them.

Friday, February 25, 2011

This is not a trend,This is about Art.

Some people might say that i am a trendy person just because i have a DSLR. Well, this blog is for them.
For some reasons, i am not a trendy person for Fuck sake. I don't have cool gadgets and branded clothes. My intention when i decided to buy a DSLR is that pictures is about art. Art is a big general words. If you can play guitars or draw some cool pictures then you have some art in  you. As for me, pictures is for me to express my creativity, my feelings, the inner me. As for persons who know me for a long time, i sometimes like to writes poems and stuff like that. Yeah call me fucking lunatic or what ever. But guess what? I don't give a damn fuck for what you feel about me, because this is my life.Period.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


it's been two weeks i think i haven't updated my blog. this is due to a hectic day. yelah, assignment,exams,futsal,and dating.hahahaha.WTF!!
in 3 weeks time " the judgement day" for us as a student will come. blurr is it?
it is a damn final exams week.aduh!!
 dengan assignment banyak lagi nak kene anta.quiz finance lagi.
serisuly tension.hahaha.
tp kite chill, insyAllah akann sempurna semuanya.

Monday, February 14, 2011

oh tidak!! muadzam shah!!

bandar muadzam shah? penah dgr?
ok.kalau x tlg google.hahaha
uniten terletak di situ ye dlm hutan yg pling cooldlm msia.haha
today i'm going back to muadzam shah to continue my study in bachelor in international business.
apa bleh buat.da blaja kat cna.jatuh cinta pun kat,kne blik laaa...
rindu my lovely ashila and all frens!!
chow shin shii!!
this is HOLLY fucking WOOD!!

Teluk Gorek

Teluk Gorek sememangnya satu camp site yang awesome.
betul2 di hadapan laut,sungai dan air terjun.haaaaa
cmne?cool x?
ok. rm10/head
rm10/bbq grill
canoe provided.
tent provided.
lets kawan2.


cuti tahun baru cina!!yeah!!aku bukan cina!!tapi aku cuti jugak.haha.ok.stop the nonsense. aku sempat berfamily day di teluk gorek,endau pictures di bawah bukan di teluk gorek tp ianya disnap di penyabung.haaaa.penyabung is a fishermen's village yg berdekatan di endau rompin ( endau rompin ialah kampung aku) it was a super nice place. soooo, aku tangkas mengambil kesempatan bersiar2 di panyabung untuk snap beberapa pcitures.enjoy!!

ps:gambar teluk gorek will be post later.

Continuity from just write what my mind speak.

ok sekalian. 1st skali blog ini merupakan blog ke 2 aku setelah blog pertama aku iaitu telah hilang passwordnya @ aku yg lupe.
ok!!! blog ini akan ku sajikan dengan mcm blog aku yg dulu jugak such as,
coretan2, kisah hidup dan macam2 blog ini akan ku sajikan kalian dengan gambar2 ku ( bukan gambar aku tapi gambar yang aku snap) kerana aku sekarang minat akan camera jadi daddy aku telah menghadiahkan sebijik dslr.thanks dad!!thats all!!adios!!